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The toy zone in the shopping mall should be one of the happiest places in the retail world.

In recent years, many restaurants because the price is too high and a deserted house, supermarkets due to changes in consumer shopping habits and sales plunged, the apparel industry is also cheap fast fashion brands occupy half of the country, and HASBRO (Hasbro), MATTEL (Mattel) and Lego (Lego) and other toy companies for several years of sales it is very eye-catching. Experts say big and small toy companies are adapting quickly to innovation, and many older brands offer new attractions. At the same time, many companies have introduced many new products that are popular among children.

This month, New York city in the United States toy industry Javits Convention Center held a grand exhibition of toy exhibition, the major manufacturers in 2017 the latest toy creative period. We have a glimpse of the major manufacturers this year will toysrus (Toys'R'Us) and WAL-MART and other retail enterprises which supply of new products. Through the show, we found four trends that were worth noting to the children and their parents.

Hollywood Aura

Hollywood movies have always been an important factor in attracting children and their parents into the toy shop. In recent years, the light is Walter Disney steadily launched several "Star Wars" movie, made the entire industry is not a small benefit. Thanks to the big IP, Star Wars toys have become one of the fastest - growing toy collections in recent years. From the movie point of view, 2017 will also be a year of bumper harvest for the toy industry. About 20 films will be related to toy elements this year. "The number of movies this year has been shocking," said Jim Silver, CEO of, a toy evaluation site."

HASBRO plans to launch its peripheral toys around six movies this year, while Lego plans to make the 10 movie, and the toy company Jakks Pacific is aiming at more than a dozen movies. All three companies have been authorised by this year's Hollywood annual Star Wars: the last Jedi, which is scheduled to be released worldwide in December. HASBRO and Lego this year will also launch its own film himself. HASBRO's own two licenses, IP, will also be on the big screen this year, namely, Transformers: the last rider and the pony Bao Li movie. Recently released the "Lego Batman movie" has been very brisk performance at the box office, and another movie "Lego Lego phantom Ninja movie" in September will also be on the screen.

"This is a very sumptuous movie feast." John Fraskoti, President of Hasbro Inc, said that the sale of movie related toys had been significantly better in the last few years than those based on popular films. "Toy sales are growing in the industry as a whole, but movie based toys are growing at a fairly steady pace, and movie independent toys are flat."."


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Toy industry sprint, a big wave at the end of the year

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